Man tattoos Abs on his torso

Above view of funny athlete exercising on a bench press in a gym.

Photo: Getty Images

Achieving rock-hard abs takes a lot of hard work and commitment -- a clean diet and plenty of exercise ... or a really good tattoo artist.

A British man decided that sit-ups and crunches really aren't for him, so he visited his favorite tattoo parlor and asked for some ink to make it look like he has a six-pack.

The artist -- Dean Gunther -- was up to the challenge and tattooed this guy’s entire abdomen to give the appearance of bodybuilder-like abs. He even made them look tan so that he'll be beach-ready for the summer.

Dean shared photos of his masterpiece on social media and wrote, "Who needs a gym when you have a magic wand? 6 pack in 2 days!"

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