Do you remember this SHARK TANK pitch? Ahead of its time in 2009

My wife and I watch an excessive amount of Shark Tank re-runs. On CNBC, we came across this episode for the first time from 2009, featuring a woman pitching her idea for fun face masks featuring pig snots, beards, etc. The comments from the sharks will make you cringe and are super eerie, being we've been living through a pandemic for close to a year now and EVERYONE is wearing a face mask.

I think Kevin O'Leary jinxed us with this one: "Is that because swine flu was all over the news for 2 weeks? Now we don't see it anymore. It's an epidemic that came and went, you need a new epidemic to get that kind of a hit and profile again"

Barbra called it, "freaky".

I'm wondering if the sharks are kicking themselves for not investing on this one.

As for the entrepreneur Irana Blok, she actually talked toVultureback on July about the experience. Herface masksare currently not for sale but said that she's working on getting her masks back up and running again.

A woman, ahead of her time

Image source:Getty Images