Man has fake restaurant and delivers TV dinners

The food delivery market is booming thanks to apps like PostMates, UberEats and Bite Squad, but a YouTuber is teaching us a lesson in knowing where you’re ordering from. A new video shared by UK YouTuber Josh Pieters, shows how he and his team opened a new fake restaurant, “The Italian Stallion,” and registered it on a food delivery site to see if people would actually order his food. And they did!

Pieters sold microwave meals he bought at a supermarket downstairs from his apartment, aka the "restaurant." In the video, he explains the process of setting things up took two or three weeks and as soon as he offered a discount on the delivery app, five orders rolled in.

He says they paid all of the customers back for the frozen dinners they paid for and two of the customers even gave feedback that “the food was great.” So take this as a warning to know where you’re ordering from before you place that online food order.

So this makes me wonder, how many people would really be able to tell the difference between a real restaurant meal and one that was frozen and nuked in the microwave. I really think I would know the difference! Mostly because I spent a lot of time eating microwave food in my younger years, so I think I'd figure it out! But it's still a pretty funny trick to play on bougie people who think they're too good for store-bought!

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