TWO Dopplegangers who live just miles away

Have you ever come across someone who looks just like you? Do you have a doppelganger that you could post on social media? Well, one Irish woman decided to go searching on social media for her doppelganger and what she found was astonishing. 

Niamh Geaney ended up finding a woman who looked exactly like her living in Italy but was completely blown away when she found another two women, who were the spitting image of her, living just around the corner from her in Dublin.

Niamh's search took place with a couple of friends via the website back in 2015 and the trio put their incredible story on Youtube, but after recently being featured on an Australian TV program their story is back in the news.

Just in case you were wondering, a DNA test was performed on all three of the women and they are in no way related

Source: Irish Post

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