NO ONE has ever made it through this Haunted House in Tennessee!

Couple things and then we will get to the $ have to have a doctor's note that says you are physically able to go through this haunted house. You have to sign a 40 page waiver. Yep, 40. You have to watch a two hour video before you ever step foot in the house and several other hurdles before you can try to make it. No one has EVER made it the whole way through the house, but if you do, you get $20K. Think you can do it?

The house is in SummerTown, Tennessee (sounds like a nice place), admission is the cost of a bag of dog food. Literally, they want dog food (to feed the hounds of hell? Maybe) and the owner/operator won't put up with any cussing at his place. Here's the full list of rules and story, if you dare...

Lizz Ryals

Lizz Ryals

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