Dustin Lynch Gets Honest in New Video: 'Enjoy the Real Me'


Dustin Lynch is getting a little more personal.

The “I’d Be Jealous Too” singer took to social media Friday (Feb. 23) to post the first of a presumably extended video series to expose his self-doubts, insecurities and who he really is.

“There’s a disconnect between who I am when the hat comes off when I’m on stage—you know, when the hat and boots come off. Because we’ve never put it out there. It’s been kind of, ‘This is me on stage,’ and then, ‘Bye,’” Dustin says. “So I think we can work on that. That’s why I want to really kind of let everybody in behind this curtain—what goes on in my life, how hard I work at every aspect of what I do and make a little more of a personal connection.”

In the first clip, entitled “001,” the singer promises a more candid look at his life on and off stage.

“It’s less 'finished product, here it is on the shelf,' more ‘this is how I make music, this is how I put on shows, this is how I deal with relationships, or lack thereof,’” he says. “You’re going to hear a lot of insecurities. I’m just going to talk about how I’m feeling, but I hope you enjoy the real me.”

What real footage will we get next? Stay tuned to CMTcody.com for the latest.

The new real Dustin is currently on tour with Brad Paisley’s Weekend Warrior World Tour.


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