Luke Bryan loves to party and have a good time when he’s on stage, but especially during the summer months he also wants to make sure his fans are safe and having a good time, especially when he’s playing outdoor venues. “With playing really hot amphitheaters … I worry about the fans ‘cause, you know, really, they’re out there drinking beer all day, and, you know, you just worry about their safety and them being hydrated.”

Luke admits he also has to keep himself in check and remember how much energy he’ll be expending on stage each night. He says, “You just have to try to remember throughout the day what you’re fixin’ to have to get up there and do. And, I mean, for me – I love gettin’ out there and sweating and working … I mean, I grew up in South Georgia working in the heat, and I love getting out there and flushing all the old beer from last night out. So it’s fun for me, but you know you do have to be really careful. You just have to hydrate onstage and be mindful.”

Luke will head north to New York and Ontario, Canada this weekend, and then he’ll be playing a huge outdoor venue when he takes his That’s My Kind of Night Tour to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts on August 10th.