Some people may not know that Jake Owen is an avid photographer in his spare time. “I’ve always loved photography,” he says, “and over the years I’ve become a lot better at it.” And now he hopes to turn his hobby into another unique facet of his career. He laughs and says with the amount of money he has invested in camera equipment and the amount of time he has invested in his photography, it only makes sense to share that with people.

Jake says, “I want to start sharing what I feel cause I think photography is a feeling and there’s a reason people stop and take a photo of something is because they admire it. And if someone can have a piece of something that I admire or that I took time to capture a moment in time then I want to pass that along.” In the near future he says he wants to start putting together some of his prints and either selling them, perhaps in a book, or he says, “like limited editions of them and signing them. Cause I have fans out there that I think would enjoy having a shot that I took personal time to seek out and shoot. “