The guys in Florida Georgia Line are no strangers to tattoos. They each have quite a few and seem to add new ones every few months. Tyler Hubbard jokes, “It’s called the itch.

We just get the itch.” They don’t necessarily get tattoos to mark special occasions, but Tyler says, “It’s kinda somethin’ that’s addictive for us, but honestly if it’s a special occasion we might get a tattoo. My newest tattoo (a portrait of his father on his right forearm) just happened to work out with Kat Von D that she was available and wanted to do a portrait for me. So, that was something special for me. Every tattoo that I think BK and myself have, have meaning to it. It’s always something special but it’s also a slight addiction.”

Tyler also sees the tattoos as another form of expression. He says, “I think for us, as creative people, I think it’s a way of a creative outlet that just kinda happens and once you can pay your bills you start spendin’ money on things like tattoos and stuff like that.”