Brad Paisley has filed a lawsuit for over $10 million against his record label, Sony Music. In court documents obtained by, Brad claims Sony has “failed to live up to their agreements and other legal obligations.” Brad is essentially trying to recoup back royalties that he feels he was improperly paid for previously released music. The court documents state, “The primary reason that Paisley is commencing this action is because Sony continuously has refused Paisley access to a variety of information and applied incorrect royalty rates, prices, and reductions, pursuant to the Recording Agreement, resulting in Sony’s significantly underpaying Paisley.” They go on to say, “For many years, Paisley and his advisors have sought to resolve this matter amicably with Sony, but to no avail.” According to our sources, “Brad’s relationship is otherwise great with the label, but the lawsuit was the only way to get Sony audited for past money due to him.”The lawsuit was filed at the end of March, and there is no word on when or if it will proceed to trial.