Brad Paisley is doing dubstep and electronic dance music now? Not exactly, but he does admit that he played around with some new sounds for his upcoming new album, telling Billboard: "When you hear a banjo through stutter edit, it's the coolest thing you ever heard," Paisley said. "I have a song that's a basic love song, it's got a great groove, and I cut this guitar part that gets distorted when I turn the nob up. I would say to Luke, 'Oh, that should've been done 20 years ago, but they couldn't.' The rulebook's gone, or was there ever one? They try, but I don't play by it." On top of the new album's sure-to-be-interesting sound, Brad also revealed his album's official name: Moonshine In The Trunk. Funny enough, Brad's tour that's launching this Friday still doesn't have a name so it wouldn't be surprising if Moonshine In The Trunk also became his tour name.

Moonshine In The Trunk hits stores August 26.