During his Father’s Day show in Bangor, Maine, Brad Paisley took a moment to recognize two special daddies who couldn’t attend his show, but were there in spirit and in the form of cardboard cutouts known as “Flat Daddies.” Brad was singing “I’m Still a Guy” when he looked down and saw two women holding the large cardboard cutouts of their significant others in uniform, known as “Flat Daddies” (and Flat Mommies), a program that was started to help family members cope with the absence of their loved ones who are serving our country overseas.

Brad brought the “Flat Daddies” on stage and took a picture with them and told the crowd, “This is what it’s all about. These guys are heroes. Let’s hear it!”

After the show, Brad tweeted the picture and asked for help in identifying the “Flat Daddies.” The Bangor Daily News got involved and helped locate Amanda Kelly and Erin Donnell, who identified the cardboard cutout soldiers as Amanda’s husband, Sgt. Ryan Kelly and Kelly’s boyfriend Sgt. Dana Gross. Both are deployed with Maine’s 133rd Battalion at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan and Sgt. Kelly was actually at Brad’s surprise concert at the base on Memorial Day. Once he identified them, Brad extended an invitation for both soldiers to attend his Boston concert in August when they return home.