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What do YOU want for Mother's Day? I think a lot of that depends on where you are in life. If you're a new mom, most likely, you want time and pampering.

Older mom? You want a visit from the kids, right?


A new survey by Spafinder Wellness 365 reveals that 90% of moms would rather receive an experience than a material gift this Mother's Day. Other findings:

- top 3 stressors for moms: family (70%); financial pressures (65%) and balancing work and family duties (56%)

- 91% of moms are either “frequently” (39%) or “occasionally” stressed out (52%)

- 72% of moms have no free time each day

 p Ways Moms De-Stress:

spa massage
watch TV/movies/play video games
do nothing

Most Wanted Mother’s Day Gifts

Spa treatment
Meal at nice restaurant