I hate to hear this. If this is true, it is just sooo sad.

Rumor has it that Rhonda Adkins filed for divorce after Trace and actress Victoria Pratt started flirting via Twitter.

The Enquirer claims Trace and Victoria met on the movie, The Virginian and it turned into a more serious relationship. In one scene in the film Victoria's character evidently gets pretty close to Trace's character and she bragged about it on her Twitter account: "Gave Trace Adkins a sponge bath at work today. I owe the universe big time! #best job ever”

Evidently Rhonda was keeping an eye on them and after one tweety flirtation, Trace tweeted "My Old Lady just gave me a mean look." Victoria responded saucily, "Bahaha!! You’re lucky that’s all she gave you!!!" Victoria had also, reportedly, been seen backstage at a Trace's shows...