When I was a kid, and some crazy adult would ask me "What age do you think of somebody as being old?"  I'd always say 40.  It finally dawned on me today that tomorrow,
I'll be turning 39.  One year from now, I'll officially be "old!"

          I was a little bit lazy last weekend and decided not to shave my entire face, instead, leaving the mustache/beard goatee.  In our wonderful new WKDW Radio studios in downtown Staunton, there are mirrors everywhere you turn.  This afternoon, while walking by, I glanced and noticed something shiny in my beard.  I turned around walked up real close to the mirror to examine it, only to find that the "shiny" items, were gray hairs.  Now, I've had gray hairs on my head for a number of years now, but my beard.  OH MY!!! That's the exact moment I realized that I'm much closer to "old" than I am to "young."

           I've never been a big fan of Birthdays....  even as a kid, I never was fond of getting
older.  I don't think I ever really wanted to grow up.  So, now that I'm on the backside of thirty (get the John Conlee reference?), when I turn the calendar to September... I get an anxious feeling!

           Sure, birthdays bring some great things....  Ms. Kitty made me one of her famous carrot cakes.  My heroes, the Statler Brothers sent me a fantastic fleece vest, and Little Brother Dalton and I are planning on having a nice dinner tomorrow evening after our evening study session....  so, I'm going into this birthday with a positive attitude.

           I still have one more year until I'll be OLD, so I'm going to sit here, wearing my Statler Brothers vest and eat my carrot cake.  (Since the cake is made from carrots, it is
healthy, right?

           OH DARN....   Where's that stupid TV remote?  It's almost time for Matlock!