Well, as of Sunday night, another football season has come and gone!  111.5 million people sat down in front of their TVs, went to a food establishment/bar, or watched with friends and family, in what was supposed to be Super Bowl 48 (those Roman Numerals still confuse me, so I’ll just use the “real” numbers).

I, being the big football/sports fan was pretty excited about the evening.  The plan was to watch the game at home with my younger brother Steve.  Now, I’ve watched every Super Bowl since the Redskins beat the Dolphins in January 1983 (I was 8 years old then….)

So, as hour number 14 of the Pregame show was wrapping up, I decided it was time to get the food together.  Now, I’ve really been trying hard to eat healthy (or at least healthier…) so, my “pigging out” consisted of a Buffalo Chicken Salad, big glass of Unsweetened Ice Tea, and the proverbial TV tray.  I was rooting hard for the Broncos.  I’ve been a Peyton Manning fan since he was QB at Tennessee in college and really wanted that monkey off his back, about not being able to win “the big one!”

Joe Buck introduced each team collectively.  By the way, I used to love it when they’d introduce the players, I think that really added something.  They sang “America The Beautiful” and “The Star Spangled Banner.”  Joe Namath and Phil Simms came out for the Coin Toss… ok, what was up with that fur coat.  The temperature was 49 degrees not -49 degrees!

I had just finished my salad and disposed of the TV tray.  I hate those things….. they come in handy, but I still can’t stand them, reminds me of not being allowed to sit with the adults at holidays when I was younger.  Kickoff came, then on the first play from scrimmage, the ball was snapped over Peyton Manning’s head for a safety.  12 seconds into the game, for I had a horrible feeling that it was over.

No one wants any more of the details about the game.  It was UGLY!  Halftime featured Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I love Country Music, but listen to a little of everything.  My collection is about as diverse as you can get, everything from Kid Rock to Guns N Roses to Tony Bennett, James Taylor and of course The Statler Brother and George Jones.  I even have a couple of Bruno Mars songs downloaded.  But, it just wasn’t my style for halftime.  I joked on Facebook during the game that George Strait would’ve made a good halftime show.  Truth is, with his “Cowboy Rides Away” Tour in full swing and his last show at Jerry Jones’ place.  I can think of worse Ideas.  They were also in New York/Jersey.  I even thought Billy Joel would’ve been cool.  Can you picture him singing “New York State of Mind?”

Anyhow…. The game was a blowout, halftime didn’t get me too excited, and even most of the commercials I just scratched my head over.  I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me.  From start to finish, it didn’t seem like this was going to be “my” football season.  As a huge fan of the Redskins and UVA Cavaliers, they went a combined 5-23 this season. 

So, as everyone is going into football withdraw over the next few months.  I can’t say that I’m too sorry to see it go.  I’ll enjoy a little March Madness, some baseball and I’m sure that by August, I’ll be so ready for football I could scream.