OK time to sound off...there's a lot of rhetoric about how kids today feel "entitled."  I've never been one to believe in  the "every kid gets a trophy" philosophy. It was something that was earned.  Likewise when we were kids and we goofed off in school we got in trouble. Now a days it seems like parents are only out to defend their kids and believe the "The teacher hates me" ideals.  I'll admit that not every teacher is a good teacher and there may be biases from time to time, but unless you are there to correct your child you have to give the teacher some flexibility to handle issues when they occur.  So someone please explain to me, why parents are up in arms over a teacher placing tape over the mouth of kids who refused to stop talking.  This is a permanent mark on this teacher's career, all because the kids were disruptive. ARRRGGG.  Read what happened here.